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An Exiled and a Prince: Chapter 15
Third p.o.v.
Amon and Lillith ignited fires in their hands and lunged at each other. Amon hissed in pain as their hands collided
“You’re still weak!” Lillith taunted
“Well I have more guts than you! I went back into Egypt even when the whole country was after me.” Amon countered
“I- you brat!”
Lillith flew at Amon once more, Amon created a shield to protect herself. Lillith hammered against the shield trying to break through. The shield formed a crack
“Amon!” Atem yelled just as the shield shattered,
Amon cried out in pain as Lillith's attack hit her arm. The poor girl was still weak from the torture that her mother had conducted earlier. Atem rushed to her side and checked her arm.
“It’s not broken” he sighed in relief
“Atem I'm fine.” Amon told him
“I know” he sighed, “just be careful”
Amon smiled and got up “I will. Don't worry we'll get outta here.”
She lit her fi
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An Exiled and a Prince: Chapter 14

(A few days later)
Atem's p.o.v.
I paced the hall as Nearta explained to me again what was going on
"So Amon is in a cave behind all the exiled... And they aren't gonna let her go even though she's a traitor, right?" I asked
"That's correct," Nearta confirmed
"Thank you. How old are you?" I questioned
"9," she said
"So you've been her friend for 9 years, we'll help you get her back," I promised
"You want her back more than I do," Nearta whispered I was shocked for a moment
"Yeah, you're right." I smiled sadly, I really did want her back
"My prince." Mahad interrupted "what's the plan?"
I glanced at Nearta "um uh" I stammered
"We'll go at night, a sneak attack. But don't attack just sneak." Nearta jumped in
"Yeah what she said," I said surprised that a nine-year-old could think that fast
"Tonight my prince?" Mahad asked
"Yes. Let the guards know." I said dismissing him, Mahad bowed and left the room. Nearta watched him as he left
“Do you always
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Bastet the cat by littleflamekitten Bastet the cat :iconlittleflamekitten:littleflamekitten 4 0


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This seriously just happened😂😆😋

My sister: I feel like Kaiba has a dog.

Me: Yeah and his name's Joey.
I just got a Duel Disk!! And it's awesome!!!!😆
Kitty me
So my library is doing a teen artist show and this might be my submission. I have one other idea so I'll draw that one too. This is another self portrait and I did cut my hair. I used to have super long hair but now it's about shoulder length.


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United States
Hi! I'm littleflamekitten. So a little bit about me is let's see, well I live on a boat with my four siblings and my parents. I've traveled almost all around the world and will explore more in the near future. Let's see what else oh! me and my family are going to be missionaries in Mexico, South America and other places down south. But what makes it unique is that we aren't just going to one place, we're going to places that already have missionaries and help them out.

Let's see oh I also have a YouTube channel, here's the link…
I love making CMVs but sadly it's hard to do on a boat. The cosplays I would like to do are Marik, Bakura, Atem, and Yugi. The cosplays I have finished are Prussia, Hungary, and Hong Kong for myself and my siblings have HRE, Chibitalia, Italy, Lichtenstein, Germany, punk England, and Sealand. I also have Marvel cosplays that I want to do. Those include a Lady Loki, female Bucky, and female Captain America. A few ones I really want to do but probably won't get around to are Kaiba and Jounouchi (Joey for the English dub) it would also be fun to cosplay Amon but I'll have to see about that.
I love to draw and write too. My drawings depend on what series I'm watching at the moment. And my writing is the same way. I am working on a novel that I would like to get published but that might be awhile.
Anyway feel free to watch, comment, and favorite. Enjoy my art and stories. (n_n)


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